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Event Has Ended

Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2020
18 JAN 2020, SAT | 4PM TILL LATE @ Aliwal Arts Centre

Event Has Ended

Kampong Glam will be getting a whole lot more raw and edgier in January as subculture takes centre stage once again at the seventh edition of Aliwal Urban Art Festival!

On 18 January 2020, artists from the periphery will gather at Aliwal Arts Centre in a radical showcase of visual art, alternative music, dance performances, and skateboarding that confronts your perception with the question “What if”. What if everything you thought about subculture was wrong? What if street art is beyond the streets? What if urban art takes over?

Ignite your curiosity with unconventional creativity in this celebration of urban art and youth subculture at Aliwal Urban Art Festival 2020!

Download festival guide here!

NOTICE: Kindly note that the following car park lots are not available and have been booked for Aliwal Urban Art Festival for Aliwal Urban Art Festival from Friday, 17 Jan 11am to Sun, 19 Jan 2am: Carpark lot numbers: 13–15 and 58–60.

The entire carpark will also be closed for Aliwal Urban Art Festival from Friday, 17 Jan 4pm to Sun, 19 Jan 2am. There will be limited public lots available along Kandahar and Pahang Street. The nearest available carparks are at DUO, Sultan Plaza or The Concourse. Parking charges apply. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Kampong Glam will be getting a whole lot more raw and edgier in January as subculture takes centre stage once again at the seventh edition of Aliwal Urban Art Festival!

Live Graffiti Painting & Installation
Aliwal Street
4pm–8pm | Free

A core member of Aliwal Arts Centre's community of tenants, RSCLS has been a leader of the urban art segment for the Aliwal Urban Art Festival since the very beginning. Catch these street art veterans in their element in this outdoor live painting session, or try your hand at spray-painting alongside the OGs of Singapore street art!

What If Exhibition
Curated by RSCLS
Aliwal Arts Centre Music Studio
4pm-10pm | Free

Get to know your ABCs of urban art through this exhibition curated by our very own RSCLS. Segmented into three sections exploring of street, graffiti, and mural art, leave with newfound knowledge to school your friends on the finer points of urban art the next time you hit up Kampong Glam.

D’Tour of Kampong Glam
Various Locations
Meeting Point: Aliwal Arts Centre Music Studio
4pm–5pm, 5pm–6pm & 6pm–7pm | Free with registration here

See Kampong Glam through the eyes of RSCLS in this alternative walking tour of the murals and street art that have come to characterise the district. Having seen and shaped the transformation of Kampong Glam, RSCLS' stories present a de-facto parallel history of this vibrant neighbourhood that takes you through the pulse of this subcultural enclave.

Glow with the Fluo
Blackbook Studio
6pm–late | Free

As the night dawns, get your “fluo” on in this live night painting show featuring graffiti artists like Slac Satu of The Blackbook Studio. Decking the studio walls out in fluorescent paint, watch art materialise in real time under a constellation of glowsticks and UV lights. Perfect for long-exposure shots and light-trail photography, the warm, moody glow of phosphorescent colours and ambient music will awe you as these graffiti artists work their magic in the darkness.

Street Jam
Aliwal Street Carpark
4pm-10pm | Free

From sidewalks to the streets, skateboarders invade Kampong Glam as Aliwal's open-air parking lots transform into one massive outdoor skate battle arena. Shred your stuff in three skate categories — Skate Run Contest, Best Trick, and Tricks 4 Cash — or watch Singapore's best skate talents tear it up with new tricks in a steezy Street Jam showcase as they compete for the grand prize!

Skate Mini Clinic and Free Try-outs
By SkateSG and Vans
Aliwal Street Carpark
4pm-10pm | Free

Catch Vans riders in action on our "mini" ramp as they demonstrate how the world turns into a blank canvas under the wheels of a skateboard. For those new to skateboarding, learn from experienced riders in a free skate clinic and take the first step towards becoming a bona fide skateboarder!

Aliwal Street
Various timings | Free

An interactive roving experience like no other, dance comes alive in all shapes and forms in SMILE! From pop-up performances and mime interactions to dance games and workshops, enter the whimsical world of ScRach MarcS and dance away with a smile on your face.

What If... Smells Could Come Alive?
By ScRach MarcS
Multi-purpose Hall
4pm–6pm | Free

How do we see smell? In this four-part installation, dancers translate scents into sense through their bodies in inventive and unpredictable movements. Watch the unique story of each smell unfold before your eyes as the aromatic becomes energetic.

What if... FlowT is Back?
Multi-purpose Hall
6.30pm–7.30pm (45 mins production) | $15 | Get your tickets here

Featuring 5 unique Singaporean dancers and a performance that combines vastly different dance styles into an innovative hybrid presentation, FlowT explores the idea of staying afloat amidst society’s noise. The performance invites its audience to explore the universe of “what ifs” through movement, fusing different street dance elements through a contemporary approach and enhanced with a theatrical flair.

What if... We Had A Party Right Now? (Closing Party)
By ScRach MarcS
Multi-purpose Hall
8.30pm–11.30pm | Free

Pop in progress presents Party in Progress––this hopping closing party integrates the various aspects of street culture through fun––because everyone loves to party!

Expect dance battles, cyphers and good times––guaranteed!

Urban Sounds
Aliwal Street Stage
6pm-10pm | Free

Ride the wild, rhythmic waves of Urban Sounds along the streets of Aliwal. With the ebb of hip-hop and the flow of R&B, our ragtag group of artists this year will be bringing a whole new energy to Aliwal Urban Art Festival.

Fresh off his single drop, Tengyboy's smooth beats will get you bouncing while BigDBangla brings his signature cultural flair to the mix. This year, also catch Singaporean YouTube sensation and beloved enfant terrible Preetipls dropping truth bombs to the beat.

From around the region, Thailand's Pyra will entrance with her svelte voice melting into the moodiness of her jazz-inspired R&B. Finally, check out the new kids on the block, Mediocre Haircut Crew (MHC), in their self-styled Miniature Houseparty Configuration.

Stitch in a Bag
Multi-purpose Studio A
5pm–6.30pm, 8pm–9.30pm | $30 | Get your tickets here

KEEN on repurposing? Learn some tips and customise your very own tote with us!

KEEN has partnered up with local designer FIN Crafted Goods to bring you a repurposing workshop. Dedicated to spruce your creative minds, it takes you through converting old, worn out or damaged materials and sewing them onto FIN tote bags. Create one-of-a-kind, unique pieces for your everyday use!

Don’t bin it––up-cycle it! Take action and lessen the contribution to our landfills one piece at a time.

Craft and Design Market
By FIN Crafted Goods, KEEN, Nardivals, ChxpShop, Drool Stamps, Joyy Baked Apples, Archipelago Brewery, Misfits Cocktails, Fung Kee Hot Dogs
Aliwal Street Carpark
4pm–10pm | Free

From clothes to handcrafted products, discover one-of-a-kind designs and merchandise by Singapore’s independent artists and bring home your favourites.

Also, what festival is complete without food and drinks? A specially-curated mix of vendors will be available to keep your hunger pangs at bay!

“Clean-Up” Campaign
By KEEN x FIN Crafted Goods
Aliwal Street
4pm–10pm | Free

Join us in cleaning the streets with the trash bags provided by KEEN. Look out for the yellow KEEN flags along Aliwal Street, and let’s take out the trash together! The end result: It should be like we were never there...

Missed our event? Catch the highlights below!


Kampong Glam will be getting a whole lot more raw and edgier in January as subculture takes centre stage once again at the seventh edition of Aliwal Urban Art Festival!
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