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Nine Years Theatre is a Singapore Mandarin theatre company that is co-founded by Nelson Chia (Artistic Director) and Mia Chee (Company Director).
The company believes in the accumulative process of art. This is reflected in our three-prong artistic direction: we are concerned with the development of our creation, with the issues of long-term, regular actor training, and the building of audienceship through knowledge sharing. The name “Nine Years” is symbolic of our commitment to grow these efforts year by year.
Nine Years Theatre does not limit its range of productions by genre and scale. We aim to create works that are essentially actor-centred, that challenge the nature of the actor's art in productions, and ultimately, question the notion and the state of the Mandarin theatre.

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Nine Years Theatre


Trains via systematic methods

We are the only company that works with an ensemble of actors that trains regularly on a long-term basis via systematic methods.


NYT Ensemble is unique in Singapore

Under the Artistic Director Nelson Chia’s leadership, the NYT ensemble is currently developing a performance approach known as “The Paradoxical Body: NYT Actors’ Work”.


NYT strives to continuously engage our audiences

We believe that audiences should not merely consume art, but also be offered the opportunity to discuss art. As such, Drink and Talk sessions - a casual post-show dialogue over drinks - are held after every performance of our play.



First Fleet

Nine Years Theatre and Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre jointly present to you First Fleet. Audience will be seated in the same space with the actors, along an outline of a “ship” as the ship sets sail to explore the relationships between theatre and humanity.

The year is 1787. The First Fleet of the British Empire sets sail for Australia with a group of convicts aboard, to establish a penal colony. Along the way, the Governor instructs one of his lieutenants to rehearse a play with the convicts, with the hope of using the power of theatre to rehabilitate them.

But who has ever heard of an officer putting up a play with his convicts? Certainly not the other officers, priest, judge, doctor or the convicts, who all have reservations about such a ridiculous proposition. Will they eventually be able to stage the play successfully?

For these officers and convicts, is the foreign land that they are attempting to build a penal colony in, a brave new world or simply a nightmare from hell?

*First Fleet is inspired by Thomas Keneally’s novel The Playmaker and other materials on the convict transportation to Australia.


NYT Membership Club

9-Fan Membership
Join the “9-Fan” club to purchase a one-time single ticket at $28, and enjoy a 15% off subsequent tickets!

Gen-9 Membership
Audience aged within 16-25 are eligible to join the “Gen-9” club, and purchase a single ticket at $18!
*Ends 3 February 2020


14 – 23 Feb 2020
Thu - Sat: 8pm | Sat & Sun: 3pm
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Far East Organization Auditorium, Level 9

Performed in Mandarin, with English surtitles (including closed captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing).
1 hour 50 minutes, with no intermission.


Three Sisters

Three Sisters, by Russian playwright Anton Chekhov, stands as one of the most outstanding plays of his career. Olga, Masha, and Irina – the titular sisters - fritter away their lives in a provincial town, while they dream of returning to the cosmopolitan city where they grew up.

Chronicling their tangled relationships, ordinary frustrations and search for meaning, Three Sisters opens a moving window into the human condition, and reveals Chekhov’s profound understanding of universal themes.

In this new rendering of this classic play, Singapore Mandarin theatre company Nine Years Theatre (NYT) joins hands with the SITI Company of New York - backed by a talented multi-lingual cast and co-directed by NYT’s Nelson Chia and SITI’s Barney O’Hanlon – to re-tell an utterly human story of survival in a changing world.

29 – 31 May 2020, Fri – Sun
Fri & Sat, 7.30pm | Sun, 2pm
Drama Centre Theatre

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