Serentak 4: In the State of Being

27 Apr 2019, Sat
Nadi Singapura Ltd

Serentak 4: In the State of Being

27 Apr 2019, Sat
Nadi Singapura Ltd

SERENTAK is an annual drumming concert that is rooted in expression, that aims to stretch the potential and challenge the versatility of the Malay drums and percussion.

This year, Serentak 4: ‘In the State of Being’ focuses on the journey of 7 diverse individual beings with different personalities, abilities and experiences; but bonded by a common interest - drumming. ‘Reflection vs Reaction’, a decision making process where it can get difficult. Should we do and talk about it later? Or should we think thoroughly before executing it?

The mirror is an item we use daily to make sure we look good and presentable to others. The reflection in the mirror triggers different emotions in different individuals - some might feel composed, while others might have insecurities. Sometimes we use it before going for a date, an interview or to sleep. Somehow by looking at it in any kind of state, it gives us the assurance to proceed onto the next one. Without it, you can look horrible and unmanaged. However, the mirror can only reflect to a certain extent.

In this modern era, human beings are still creating. For some, they are developing for the future or some maybe refining up the past. Whatever state they are right now, they are doing it for the greater good. And for the 7 of us, it is to maximise ourselves playing the Malay drums to its full potential.


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