Open Concept 2019

30 Jun 2019, Sun
Nicholas Chung

Open Concept 2019

30 Jun 2019, Sun
Nicholas Chung

(Showcase Competition 2 - 3 People // 7-to-smoke Abstract All-styles)

Open Concept was born as a platform for all dancers to break boundaries of their own dance. A dancer is only limited by its creativity and perception of themselves. Be it krumping to classical, waacking to dubstep to amazing storytelling or crazy fresh shape and lines. There is no prefix labels here.

This is the second year Open Concept will be happening in Sunny Singapore! This year, we have winners from Malaysia and Jakarta that were seeded from our overseas selection! If you want to experience breaking your dance boundaries or to watch what others have to offer, this is the event you have been waiting for!

Do follow our social media outlets to keep up with the updates!


12pm - 7pm


Multi-purpose hall 


Competitors: $25 at the door
Audience: $25 at the door

For Early-bird pricing, please keep updated via the Facebook event “Open
Concept 2019” or our website

For enquiries: 

Email or call 93381308.

Website :

IG : @openconceptofficial

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