M. A. T. A. S (Make A Terrific Artwork Someday)

18 January 2018 to 11 February 2018
RSCLS X Ryf Zaini

M. A. T. A. S (Make A Terrific Artwork Someday)

18 January 2018 to 11 February 2018
RSCLS X Ryf Zaini
M.A.T.A.S or Make A Terrific Artwork Someday

is a tongue-in-cheek, light-hearted comment by the RSCLS collective on the Singapore graffiti and street art community’s endless commitment to stay relevant and sustainable, while balancing tensions such as the politics and negotiation of space, both public and personal. These tensions, which are commonplace in the practice of street art and graffiti, stresses that space – both physical and metaphorical, is a very limited commodity.

For the first time, RSCLS will collaborate with interactive artist, Ryf Zaini to create a body of interactive artworks. As an urban art collective, this is a departure from their usual modus operandi of spray-painted graffiti murals. The union of these two creative entities out of their comfort zone, will aim to create, encourage and challenge the complexities of space for artistic and personal expression in an environment such as Singapore, where the unmitigated scrutiny of technologically-advanced public surveillance, and trigger-happy netizens come together in an oddball approach to active citizenry.


RSCLS creates platforms for discourse in popular culture, social politics, and urban narratives, in a visual cacophony of juxtaposed styles and languages. The core of RSCLS’ identity as an urban art collective is also manifested in education, through the propagation of street art and graffiti practices in the context of the Asian narrative, as well as through artistic urban collaborations between like-minded individuals. From murals to urban installations, RSCLS is always seeking new strategies to disrupt social norms and popular narratives whilst pushing the envelope in the different ways to see and create graffiti and street art.

RSCLS has curated, organised and supported various urban art initiatives in Singapore and in the region. As an art collective, RSCLS has been involved in numerous exhibitions, events and festivals both locally and internationally, including the cities of Paris, Manila, San Francisco, Jakarta, and more.

RSCLS is represented primarily by Singapore-based artists Antz, Dem, Kilas, TraseOne, Song, Spaz and Zero. Regional members of RSCLS includes Drewfunk (MY), EggFiasco (PH), LiarBen (VN), Sheep (CHN), and Tuyuloveme (INDO), Mim and Neo form the RSCLS media team.

RSCLS is a recipient of the Seed Grant from the NATIONAL ARTS COUNCIL.

About Ryf Zaini

Ryf Zaini is an engineering graduate from Temasek Polytechnic, but his interest in the arts led him to LASALLE College of the Arts in 2003, from which he completed a diploma in interactive media, and graduated with First Class Honors in Media Arts. His interest was drawn toward utilising his understanding of electronic engineering and translating it into artistic content.His role in the arts, tries to bridge an understanding of how technology functions within a society: that we are "wired" and at the same time tangled with electronics and technology as they are "physically" connected to our bodies. Our reliance may soon ensure our dependency on them for every move and decision humanity takes. Using art as the driving tool in his work, he attempts to connect them to the emphatic and emotional aspect of society.

After his studies, Ryf participated in several exhibitions where he created unique hybrids of tech-art. Ryf’s installations merge ideas relating to technology and the arts, and his work has been exhibited at the Singapore Art Museum (Singapore), Sculpture Square (Singapore), the Esplanade (Singapore), ARTRIANGLE (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), the Sea Art Festival (South Korea), Art Garden, Lille (France), as well as Bermonsey Space (London). The I-Light Marina Bay festival in Singapore commissioned Ryf to create interactive light installations for two editions of the festival in 2012 and 2014. He also completed residencies in the Yamaguchi Centre for Arts and Media (Japan), as well as at the Singapore Science Centre.

M.A.T.A.S (Make A Terrific Artwork Someday) is presented by Aliwal Arts Centre, in conjunction with Aliwal Urban Art Festival, and Singapore Art Week. A joint initiative by the National Arts Council, the Singapore Tourism Board and the Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore Art Week reinforces Singapore’s position as Asia’s leading arts destination. www.artweek.sg


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