Happiness 101: Meaning & Purpose

24 Mar 2019, Sun
Happiness Initiative

Happiness 101: Meaning & Purpose

24 Mar 2019, Sun
Happiness Initiative

Why is it some of us hate our jobs and dread going to work, while others brim with passion and excitement about the work that they do? Why is it that some can find such meaning and purpose in their jobs, while some don't?

If you have been caught in a race not knowing where you are going, this experience may shed some light on how to develop a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Join us for in this two hour experience where we will share a introduction of the current science and research behind meaning and purpose.

What we will cover:
1. What is meaning and purpose? 
2. Where does our purpose come from? 
3. What can we do to find purpose?

The Facilitator
Simon is the co-founder of Happiness Initiative. He is passionate about helping people discover the choices they can make to be happier. 
He holds a Master in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Many years back, Simon was making headway in his climb up the corporate ladder. The higher he climbed, the more deeply unhappy he became. In his life of pursuits, he lost touched with the pursuit of life. He thought the higher he climbed, the happier he would become. Hence, he had no choice but to keep climbing. When he reached the destination, happiness was short-lived. So he thought he had to climb again.

Finally, one day, everything that mattered stopped mattering. It was the beginning of his journey to discover that happiness can be a choice. It sowed the seeds for Happiness Initiative.

About The Festival
The Happiness Film Festival will be the world’s first to be held in Singapore. We hope to raise greater awareness on happiness and well-being through films and post-film dialogue sessions.

The Happiness Film Festival is organised by Happiness Initiative, a social enterprise dedicated to promoting happiness and well-being.

Check out the other programmes under Happiness Film Festival here.

11am - 1pm

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