19 AUGUST 2017 | 5PM - 11PM
Kampong Glam
download event schedule here


19 AUGUST 2017 | 5PM - 11PM
Kampong Glam
download event schedule here

Catch the highlights from Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2017: Rasa Wayang

Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2017: Rasa Wayang from Aliwal Arts Centre on Vimeo.


The Aliwal Arts Night Crawl is an annual multi-disciplinary arts festival held in Kampong Glam. It aims to promote the eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary artists based in Aliwal Arts Centre, while paying homage to the rich cultural heritage of Kampong Glam. 

Inspired by the ancient art of shadow puppetry Wayang Kulit and its place in Kampong Glam, the theme of Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2017 is Rasa Wayang. This year’s edition -- the fifth, will introduce visitors to this Southeast Asian tradition that was often performed in Kampong Glam at the former Pondok Java, or Javanese House.

For the first time, Aliwal Arts Night Crawl will be organised with the support of Streets for People.

Streets for People is a programme by the Urban Redevelopment Authority that supports community-initiated projects to transform our streets into meaningful public spaces

Check out the highlights from Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2016: Sarong Party!

Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2016: Sarong Party! from Aliwal Arts Centre on Vimeo.

Happening at Aliwal Arts Centre:

Kampong Kulit

by Sri Warisan
5pm – 10pm | Multipurpose Hall | Drop-in workshop
Get behind the screen and perform your own legendary tale in the Aliwal blackbox theatre! Use one of the traditional puppets, or one you’ve made in the interactive workshop.

Cool it with Kulit! 

by RCSLS x How To Ink Studio
6pm - 10pm | Multipurpose Studios | Drop-in Workshop
Take a break indoors and create your very own shadow puppet with How To Ink Studio! Silkscreen a puppet designed by street art collective RSCLs, colour it your way, then take it home! 

Light & Shadow Play

by Empyreal
7pm - 11pm | Aliwal Arts Centre Facade
Artist Amanda Tan aka Empyreal explores the parallels between Wayang Kulit and modern Projection Art through a combination of batik patterns, Indonesian art, and shadow puppetry.

Learning Journey

by Chinese Opera Institute 
5.30pm - 6.30pm | #03-05 | In English and Mandarin
Visit The Chinese Opera Institute to learn about the history of Chinese Opera through different types of costumes and headwear used in Chinese Opera performances.

Water Sleeves Workshop

by Chinese Opera Institute
7pm and 8pm | #03-05 | In Mandarin
In this 45-minute workshop, learn the basics of performing with water sleeves. From fundamental techniques and poses to costumes and headdresses used by different characters. Kids aged 10 and above are welcome!


by Teater Ekamatra
8pm - 9pm | #02-10
Teater Ekamatra presents a special performance installation inspired by the story of Huma the mythical bird, whose magical shadow bestows kingship upon common men. 

Sonic Moves II

by ODT Music Ensemble & ODT Young Company
8pm - 8.30pm | #03-08
Don’t miss this enchanting live performance of classical pieces from Bach, Beethoven and more, accompanied by a young dancer.

Happening at Aliwal Carpark:

The Aliwal Night Market

by The Middlemen
5pm – 11pm
Weekend market buffs rejoice! With over 25 independent designers offering artisanal products, fashion steals and gourmet food, you’ll be spoilt for choice at The Aliwal Night Market.

Pencak Silat

by Yayasan Mendaki
6pm - 6.20pm
Don't miss an energetic Pencak Silat showcase by Seligi Tunggal Singapura, as they showcase traditional and contemporary Silat forms. Catch them in action – showcasing traditional Busana wear, Silar Percussions, Jurusan, Combats and various artistic forms.

Face Changing
by Wu Jun Han x Chinese Opera Institute
6.45pm – 7.15pm
Be enthralled master Rex Teo performs this magical traditional Chinese art form, accompanied by experimental sound artist Wu Jun Han. 

Music In The Air 歌声飞扬

by Singapore I-Lien Drama Society
7.45pm – 8.15pm | In Mandarin
Catch a mini Mandarin variety show featuring crosstalk, sing-a-longs and even an excerpt from The Butterfly Lovers by the established performing arts society.

Kata Kita Kota

by NADI Singapura
9.15pm – 9.45pm
Kata Kita Kota is a NADI signature, that presents the amalgamation of the rich Malayan drums and musical styles found in Singapore, creating a tapestry of sounds, movements and visuals.

Happening at Arab Street:

Nuansa Irama

by DIAN Dancers
7.45pm – 8.15pm
Join the DIAN Dancers and learn about the different genres of Malay traditional music with energetic, yet elegant dance forms through a fun, colourful performance.  

Ko Flow LIVE!

9pm – 9.30pm
Singapore’s most celebrated DJ/Turntablist Ko Flow will work his magic live, through excerpts from his new album, including single Arab Street. 

NADA X Bani Haykal

10pm - 10.30pm
Don’t miss the debut collaboration between the mystical NADA and renowned artist Bani Haykal. 

Happening at Haji Lane:

Sundown Yoga

by OhmSantih Yoga | Register here
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Soak in the final rays of the sun and slow down your pace as OhmSantih Yoga instructors lead you through a series of energising poses against the colourful backdrop of shophouses at Kandahar Street.   

New Stream Brass Band

by Blu Jaz Cafe 
8.30pm – 9pm
Jive to Singapore’s first ever New Orleans style brass band that blends jazz, funk, latin and hip-hop styles with traditional New Orleans brass sounds.

Happening at Kandahar Street:

The Tale Of Bukit Merah

by BronzAge Gamelan and Rosemarie Somaiah
7pm – 7.30pm | Intersections Gallery, 34 Kandahar Street
Discover the legend of Bukit Merah through a unique collaboration between musical collective BronzAge Gamelan and storyteller Rosemarie Somaiah. 

Happening at Sultan Gate Park & Malay Heritage Centre:

The Elephant And The Tree

by Ravindran Drama Group
7.30pm – 8pm | Sultan Gate Park
Go on a journey filled with laughter, song and dance with Uma Katju as she regales us with the tale of an elephant who falls in love with a tree. The Elephant and the Tree was conceived and premiered at FYiP 2017, a Third Year project of ITI.

Sesaji Segoro - The Daughter of the Ocean

by Lion and Moon Lady
9.30pm  – 10pm | Malay Heritage Centre
Be mesmerised by the mythical love story between the Daughter of the Ocean and the Prince of the Land in this ethereal collaboration of traditional Chinese and Malay Javanese instruments.

Happening at Pahang Street:

Wow! Wayang Kulit

by Sri Warisan
8.30pm – 9pm | Pahang Street car park
Enjoy a traditional wayang kulit performance featuring larger-than-life shadow puppets, and hear stories from the Ramayana and Malay legends such as Sang Nila Utama accompanied by gamelan music. 

Watch Out! 

New Opera Recital

by New Opera Singapore
6.15pm – 6.45pm | Turkish Light Store (52 Arab Street)
7.30pm – 8pm | Look See Look See, 267 Beach Road, Level 1
New Opera Singapore make their Night Crawl debut with Youth Opera Singers Jasmine Towndrow and Corey Koh presenting arias by Schubert and Mozart, accompanied by pianist April Foo. 

The Fantastic Mythluminator 

6pm – late | Kampong Glam
Moving shadows depicting a scene from Lord of the Rings juxtaposed against the epic Ramanaya. Look out for The Fantastic Mythluminator as it makes its way along the back alleys of Kampong Glam in this spectacular roving performance. 

Happening at Baghdad Street:

The House of Photography (HOP) by DECK lands in Kampong Glam for the first time! Converted from an old shipping container, the mobile dark room will present a series of workshops happening over the weekend.

Saturday 19 August 2017

Cyanotype: The Art Of Sun Printing

2pm – 5pm | Drop-in Workshop | $3 per print
Pick up one of the oldest forms of printmaking, invented more than 150 years ago and first used by biologists to document their botanical discoveries. See how a combination of science, nature and art can produce some of the most beautiful and sublime images.

Shooting And Developing Film Negatives

6.30pm – 7.30pm | $20 per person | By registration only
The photogram represents a unique art form requiring only the action of light on a photosensitive substrate. Make your very own camera-less creations by bringing your own items or picking from ours.

A Crash Course To Darkroom Printing

8.30pm -10.30pm | $40 per person | By registration only
Do you have old black and white negatives lying around at home? Join us as we develop old memories from your very own black and white negatives through darkroom printing techniques. From contact sheets to the final print, bring those old family trips or portraits back to life.  

Sunday 20 August 2017

Shooting And Developing Film Negatives

12pm – 3pm | 40 per person | By registration only
Come with a film camera or borrow one of ours, shoot a roll of film, and learn step-by-step the processes involved in developing the negatives. Pick up some neat tips and tricks to observing and composing extraordinary pictures from the most ordinary moments.

A Crash Course To Darkroom Printing

4.30pm – 6.30pm | $40 per person | By registration only
Missed out on this workshop during the Night Crawl? One more chance to do it in Kampong Glam!

Fringe Events

Scents of Singapore: Artistic Potpourri

by Intersections Gallery, 34 Kandahar Street
2pm – 7pm | | Free | 
Closed on Mon, Tue & Public Holidays
Potpourri refers to a scented mixture of spices and dried flowers that is usually kept in a decorative bowl or jar and used to perfume a room, as well as a collection of seemingly unrelated items.

This exhibition brings together a potpourri of works by eight artists - Nicola Anthony, Eddie Botha, Kavita Issar Batra, Julayla Jallil, Helene Le Chatelier, Pang, Marc Nair, Tania Nasr. Each using different mediums and metaphors to talk about Singapore history and identity and encapsulate the country’s scent. 

Reading @ The Park

by Yayasan Mendaki
Sunday 20 August, 10am | Sultan Gate Park | Free
Inculcate the love of reading through activities such as reading aloud and arts and crafts sessions like puppet-making. A part of Yayasan MENDAKI’s “Raikan Ilmu (Celebrate Knowledge)” campaign, Reading @The Park features a book pick-up platform as part of a book sharing initiative. 

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