30 July 2016 | 5pm - 11pm
Aliwal Arts Centre
download event schedule here


30 July 2016 | 5pm - 11pm
Aliwal Arts Centre
download event schedule here

Catch the highlights from Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2016: Sarong Party!

Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2016: Sarong Party! from Aliwal Arts Centre on Vimeo.


Experience an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary arts in the rich cultural heritage of Kampong Gelam at Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2016: Sarong Party!


Come dressed in your best sarong and crawl through the neighbourhood to enjoy a night of free performances by Singapore artists from NADI Singapura, the Chinese Opera Institute and Lush 99.5FM, or hang out at Aliwal Arts Centre to check out installations and workshops by Ho Tzu Nyen, Teater Ekamatra, Nine Years Theatre and more! 

Interactive Trail

Aliwal Arts Centre is working with Protiotype and WASP to create an interactive map of the Aliwal Arts Night Crawl, so you can stay on top of all the performances happening in Kampong Gelam, as well as the amazing promotions available till August by our partners in the district.

Access the map here, and bookmark it for when you come a-crawlin’ in your sarong

Happening at Aliwal Arts Centre:

Community Artwork

5pm–11pm • Aliwal Arts Centre Multipurpose Hall
Make your mark on a 2m tall wau Kuching (cat kite) with bric-a-brac donated by the haberdasheries of Kampong Gelam.

The Local People Art Market

5pm till 11pm • Aliwal Street Carpark
The Local People are nomadic space activators whose art markets have now grown into a community where like-minded artists, designers and cooks of all ages share a space and their time for a day.

Sundown Yoga with The Yoga Collective

6.30pm • Aliwal Street Carpark
Join our fun-loving neighbour yogis from The Yoga Collective in a special 40-minute session in the Aliwal Street Carpark. Bring your mat to stretch and breathe before embarking on the crawl.
Limited places available, register here.

Batik Boutique

5pm–11pm • Aliwal Arts Centre Multipurpose Studio
Learn the basics of linocutting a batik-inspired design by the RSCLs with the crew from How To Ink. Purchase a tote bag or pouch to print your fresh linocut on, or try using a traditional copper batik cap (stamp) – one of the three ways batik is still made today! 

Utama: Every Name In History is I

Aliwal Arts Centre Music Studio 1
An award-winning genre-blending short film by Aliwal tenant Ho Tzu Nyen from 2003 that questions the account of Sang Nila Utama through a mix of fiction and documentary, filmic tableaus, and more. Shown every half hour, with the last screening at 10.30pm. 


7pm - 11pm 
Media artist Brandon Tay creates ethereal landscapes that provide a window into the lives within buildings, in a site- specific installation that flows through the symmetrical façades of Aliwal Arts Centre 

The Chinese Opera Institute – A Guided Tour

5.30pm–6.30pm • Chinese Opera Institute, #03-05
Visit the Chinese Opera Institute to learn about the history of Chinese Opera through different costumes and headwear used in the traditional performance.

Chinese Opera Weapons Workshop

8pm & 9pm • Chinese Opera Institute, #03-05
In this 45 minute workshop, learn the basics of performing with Chinese Opera weapons. Suitable for kids aged 6 and above.
Free with registration, sign up here (8pm) and here (9pm). 

Viewpoints Experience Workshop

8pm & 9pm • Nine Years Theatre, #03-02
Viewpoints is a method to break down elements of performance to study, practice and gain new insights into the art of the actor. In this short 45 min workshop by Nine Years Theatre, participants can encounter elements of Space and Shape through physical exercises. Open to age 12 and above.
Free with registration, sign up here (8pm) and here (9pm).

Genap 40 Installation

8pm & 9pm • Teater Ekamatra, #02-10
An installation by Teater Ekamatra’s former associate artist Irfan Kasban, featuring snippets of a feature-length film of his play Genap 40, set to an ambient backdrop. 

Sonic Moves

6.30pm–9.30pm • Odyssey Dance Theatre, #03-08
A multi-sensory journey through the exquisite moments of Odyssey Dance Theatre’s 2015 season, told through music, moving images, and dance photography. Don’t miss the premiere of a brand new short film by ODT at 8pm, followed by a live music performance by the ODT Music Ensemble featuring guest artists. 

Happening around Kampong Gelam:

Batik Trail

Lee Chor Lin • 5.30pm 
Learn more about the history and intricacies of batik, beyond shirts and sarongs. From its process to the different motifs that represent parts of Java, to its place in Kampong Gelam history,
join Lee Chor Lin in exploring the rich culture of batik through three institutions of the district – Toko Aljunied and Basharahil Bros on Arab Street, followed by the more contemporary Kiah’s Gallery on Sultan Gate.
Limited places available. Register here.

Oodles of Noodles
Spoken Word and Silly Songs with Uncle Rajah and his Flying Carpet Friends

Word Forward
5.30pm Aliwal Arts Centre •  7.40pm Supermama
Join Uncle Rajah and his Flying Carpet Friends - Ping-Ping the Sunbird and Skid the Squirrel for a show of interactive poems and songs by Chris Mooney-Singh.

Face Changer

Chinese Opera Institute with Wu Junhan
5.50pm •  Intersections Gallery 
Experience the magic of the “Face-Changer” in traditional Chinese Opera - a character whose appearance can change within a split second! Accompanied by sound artist Wu Junhan and set in a contemporary art gallery. 

Playwright Mentorship Programme Preview 

Teater Ekamatra
6.05pm Shophouse the Social Hostel •  8.35pm A.R.C Coffee 
Listen to two plays-in-progress by the participants of the Teater Ekamatra Playwright Mentorship Programme 2016 at each location . Each of these plays will be performed at a special presentation at the end of 2016.

Curry Puff 

Ravindran Drama Group
7.05pm • FIKA 
Robiah Lia Caniago was convicted of operating an unlicensed curry puff factory, in her two room HDB flat. The incident drew much attention from the media as well as the general public, yet Robiah was never heard.
This is her side of the story. Curry Puff was first produced as part of the Twenty-Something Theatre Festival

Percussion Showcase

Nadi Singapura
9pm  Malay Heritage Centre
Be enthralled by the exhilarating rhythms of percussion from the Malay Archipelago as they usher Night Crawlers into the sprawling grounds of the Malay Heritage Centre!

Twilight Joget

DIAN Dancers
10.30pm  Sultan Gate Park 
Complete the Sarong Party experience with a joget under the stars with DIAN Dancers at Sultan Gate Park. 


Presented by LUSH 99.5FM
Lushloveslocal is an ongoing movement started by Lush 99.5FM in December of 2013 as part of the brand philosophy to market, support and develop creation, appreciation and engagement of original Singapore-made music. What initially started as a hashtag tagged on to local music now playing on Lush now further comprises music curation, events and content. Search the hashtag on social to discover your local music community and check out the 50 Songs In 50 Days project on our YouTube page.


MARS • 6.30pm • The Mad Sailors, 24 Haji Lane
Sociology student Mars writes lyrics that combine life experience with emotions that will bring the feels. Touted to be Singapore’s answer to Lianne La Havas, this is one pint-sized powerhouse you don’t want to miss.

SHAK • 8pm • Outside 10 Bussorah Street
Shak'thiya, better known as Shak, is a homegrown singer-songwriter inspired by a myriad of genres from blues to bossa, hip hop to folk. He is currently a resident at SUTD’s Aria café.

YLLIS • 9.30pm Aliwal Street Carpark
Born in Singapore and now based between his home city and New York, Yllis explores the claustrophobia and frustrations of growing up in the rigid, capitalist island state through experimental electronic pop, melding wonky bass music and sino-grime influences with infectious vocal hooks. 

Malay Heritage Centre, Hari Raya Open House

In the spirit of Hari Raya Puasa, the Malay Heritage Centre welcomes you to our annual Open House! In the day, learn about Singapore’s history through dramatised and interactive tours in the Centre’s permanent galleries. When dusk falls, soak in the festive atmosphere under a canopy of twinkling lampu lap-lip – decorative fairy lights – as you clap along to song, dance and comedic performances at the Concert Raya Gemilang. Don’t forget to explore the special Raya Flea Market which will feature festive delicacies, traditional wear, hands-on craft activities, and fringe performances. 

2pm–9pm • Raya Flea Market, MHC Lawn
Hari Raya will not be complete without special festive delicacies and traditional wear. This special flea market will feature special craft items, Malay kueh, and activities for the family such as batik printing, Malay games and special fringe performances. There will be something on offer for all visitors. 

8.30pm–10pm* • Concert Raya Gemilang, MHC Fountain
In the evening, the Malay Heritage Centre will entertain our guests with song and dance items from the traditional to the early 70s. There will also be comic skits to reflect on the more humorous aspects of how the community prepares for and celebrates Hari Raya over the years. This concert will entertain, excite and also tickle audiences. 

*All performances are free for public. Please note that seats and refreshments are specially catered for invited guests only. 


Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2015: Don't Give Face! from Aliwal Arts Centre on Vimeo.

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