Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2019

13 Jul 2019, Sat
Aliwal Arts Centre

Aliwal Arts Night Crawl 2019

13 Jul 2019, Sat
Aliwal Arts Centre

Aliwal Arts Night Crawl, the annual multi-disciplinary arts festival held in in the heart of Kampong Glam, returns for its seventh edition! This signature event by Aliwal Arts Centre pays homage to the rich cultural heritage of Kampong Glam. Featuring curated programmes fusing tradition and heritage with a contemporary edge, be a part of our storytelling tours, performances, exhibitions to immersive workshops and a night market.  Join artists at the Aliwal Arts Centre and their partners and discover new interpretations of Kampong Glam’s past and present.

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facebook #AliwalANC19


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5pm–6pm, 7pm–8pm & 9pm–10pm | Meeting Point: Information Booth | Free, Register Now!

Dtour web

See Kampong Glam with different eyes. This alternative walking tour tells a de-facto parallel history of this rich and vibrant neighbourhood through its murals and street art. Meeting point of the tour will be at the information booth.

In Search of the Gelam Tree

By Moonshadow Stories
5pm–6.30pm & 7.30pm–9pm | Meeting Point: Information Booth | $20, Book Now!

kamini web

Healing cajeput trees once shaded the village homes of Kampong Gelam. Are all of them gone now? What shadows of their former selves can still be found? Experience Kampong Gelam as storyteller Kamini Ramachandran reimagines the precinct’s aristocracy, merchants and ethnic communities. This walking trail goes in search of clues with stories from folklore and history. Join a traditional feast in a secret location and take part in a communal meal as you listen to music and exchange stories in the company of a storyteller.



9 Lives Show

By 9 Lives 
1pm–10pm | Various Locations | Free

9 lives

Cats have always been a part of our ecosystem; however, urban development has inevitably created tension between us and our furry friends. As part of the 9 Lives Show, which uses art and design to invoke conversations about co-existence and animal empathy, this edition explores how urbanisation impacts community cats. Together with nine local artists and designers, they present their points-of-view and stories, with artworks ranging from fibre art, mixed-media installation to literary art and other forms.


1pm–10pm | Various Locations | Free

Bali, Haji, Arab, Muscat, Bussorah, Kandahar, Pahang and Aliwal: what are the stories surrounding these familiar names? Inspired by the idea of lapis, or layers, this exhibition explores the multi-faceted layers of Kampong Glam through the eyes of various personalities whose lives – both historically, economically, and emotionally – are connected to the legacy of this neighbourhood. Graffiti writer and photographer Jufri Hazhar presents nuanced portraits of these individuals, while excerpts of their interviews create a multi-sensory visual art experience delving into the lapisan (multiple layers) of this historical place.

R for Resonance

By Ho Tzu Nyen
1pm–10pm | Aliwal Arts Centre, Music Studio | Free


R for Resonance uses the latest imaging technologies of the Digital Age to evoke another technological breakthrough some 5,000 years – the Bronze Age in Southeast Asia. Through this motif, we seek to tell a story of the region through its climate, music, minerals, technology and histories of social control.

Spanning more than 5,000 years of history, R for Resonance takes as the Gong – a ubiquitous musical (and ritual) object in Southeast Asia – as its starting motif. We begin with the discovery of copper, then the refinement of the metallurgical arts, leading to the perfection of bronze casting and the birth of the bronze Dong Son drum – ancestor of the Gong, emerging at a time when social hierarchies first emerged in the prehistoric landscape of the region. Through the Gong’s passage across time and space, is woven a story of technological progress and its relationship to techniques of social stratification.


by Evanturetime in partnership with SGMUSO 
1pm–10pm | Multi-Purpose Studio B | Free 
Guided workshops: 4pm–6pm & 7pm–9pm 

assimilation lowres

Come listen to contemporary songs as if they had been accompanied with traditional Malay instruments. This audible interactive exhibition and workshop is a commentary on how native cultures are often assimilated and gentrified in a commercial form. Experience that transformation first-hand, with computers and samples available for you to experiment with your own approach to audible cultural assimilation.

A Crop of Names

By Teater Ekamatra
Exhibition: 6pm–10pm 
Performances: 7pm–7.30pm & 8.30pm-9pm
Malay Heritage Centre | Free 

a crop of names

A crop that yields no fruit should make way for a mausoleum of the living. No stone should be left unturned. A Crop of Names is a commentary about balancing the weight of history against the prospect of progress. Using multimedia projections to carve out fleeting symbols of proof of existence, this multidisciplinary installation overlaps two speculative timelines, the past and the future.



Rentak Kita

By NADI Singapura
6.30pm–7pm | Sultan Gate Park | Free

Nadi web

Experience the spirit of being in a “community”, ioin us in making the rhythms of the Malayan Archipelago come alive, as Rentak Kita presents an exciting performance featuring different types of Malay drums, percussions and Malay rhythms, including the kompang, hadrah, jidur, marwas, gendang sunda, caklempong, gong and rebana.

Kampong Glam: Past, Present and Virtual

By Word Forward
7pm–10pm | Aliwal Arts Centre, #02-05 | Free
Advisory 16

past present web

Celebrate the past and present of Kampong Glam with works from internationally-based poets, singers and musicians. Join us for a live spoken word and music event at The Writers Centre, along with a simultaneous event in an online virtual world known as the Merlion Island.


By Singapore I-Lien Drama Society
7.30pm–8pm | Sultan Gate Park | Free

wanton web

Like a wise sage, Kampong Glam sits quietly in a corner of Singapore, silently speaking to us about its unique human stories. Set in Kampong Glam in 1964, in Wanton, an elderly man narrates to his two children the story of a wanton soup lady who offers a fugitive a bowl of wanton soup. This small act transforms the confused fugitive, helping him find courage and salvation. Come listen to this story about questing and destiny, escaping and facing reality.


By Odyssey Dance Theatre
8pm–8.30pm | Sultan Gate Park | Free

Chance web

A chance to meet; a chance to grow. There is something special brewing as the search slowly continues. Chance reflects the precious qualities of individuals coming together with an open heart to share their positive attitudes, an epitome of the rich communal spirit encapsulated in Kampong Glam.

Music Performance

By New Opera Singapore
7.30pm–8pm & 8.30pm–9pm | Bussorah Street | Free 

New opera web

Join New Opera Singapore’s singers as they croon and swoon against the beautiful backdrop of Kampong Glam's bright lights and rich heritage.

Kalau Datang Ke Singapura (When coming to Singapore)

by Projek Ujong Tanjong
9pm – 9.30pm | Sultan Gate Park | Free

Project web

Inspired by R. Azmi's popular song, Kalau Datang Ke Singapura, from the 1950s, this performance takes audiences on a nostalgic trip back in time. Hassan, a Penang-born musician, learns about the opportunities in Singapore and decides to venture here. After roaming around Singapore, he meets Miss Hasnah, a local singer, who gives Hassan the opportunity he was looking for. Join them as they serenade you with tunes and stories about Singapore back in the 50s.

Performed by Fadhli Ramlee and Sueryana Norddin, backed with live music from Azrin Abdullah, Alhafiz Jamat, Rudee Oma, Nazri Johar, Syarfa Shahiran and Jack Mataxatu.



History of Carpet Weaving

4pm - 4.45pm | 50 Arab street Singapore 199747 | Free, Register Now!

9livemini web

The fascinating world of carpets comes alive this Aliwal Arts Night Crawl! Learn about the history and art of carpet making from Mr Saeid Labbafi, founder and chairman of One Kampong Gelam at his store in Arab Street.



9 Lives Mini-Cats

By 9 Lives
1pm – 10pm | Multi-Purpose Hall | Free Admission
To adopt a cat, there will be a $15 material fee 

9livemini web

Come and adopt one of the 9 Lives mini-cats! Let your imaginative and creative self be inspired by the 9 Lives art pieces and transform the wooden blocks to one of life and color. Or just come by the mini-cats table and indulge your artistic side with the brushes, colours and accessories available to create that unique mini-cat.

The Story Tree

By Moonshadow Stories
4.30pm – 5.30pm & 6.30pm - 7.30pm | Multi-Purpose Studio A | Free, Register Now!

story tree

Step into the realm of folktales and travel to a time when animals could talk to each other. Listen to our Young Storytellers delight you with their interactive storytelling.

Bond with your child through a simple colouring activity to create a memento of the story to take home with you.

Suitable for children aged 4 to 8 years old.
All children must be accompanied by an adult throughout the session.

Parent –Child package: Each ticket admits one parent and one child.
If you wish to bring an additional child, please contact

Photo credit: The Storytelling Centre Ltd.

Let the Cards Speak

By Moonshadow Stories
9pm - 10pm | Multi-Purpose Studio A | Free, register now

Let the Cards Speak

Sit down at a table with our storytellers and select a card from the deck. Share your immediate thoughts and feelings through the images revealed by the story cards. What do the cards show? What does your heart say? Tell us your story.

A guided storytelling session mini-workshop based on story cards.
Suitable for adult audiences ages 16 years and above.
Not suitable for those below 15 years old.

Photo credit: The Storytelling Centre Ltd.



So Gelam Market

3pm – 10pm | Aliwal Street & Aliwal Street Carpark | Free

So Gelam Market

For one night only, So Gelam Market will be joining Aliwal Arts Centre for the annual Aliwal Night Crawl. Our passionate vendors will be showcasing their products made with love and care. Locally produced apparels from Pakem MB, Sunday Shirt and Pixaluna to custom acrylic signages from The Good Makers Company and portraits and illustrations from will be there. You can look forward to satay from The Brown Pallet and artisanal coffee and cakes from Good Coffee Please. Come join us on 13th July for artisanal crafts and eats.

1pm – Late

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